©2001 rainer mandl & josef deinhofer
thx to m.ash, niko alm

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the game:

the game consists of an environment and beings living in it. score is generated by those beings eating out of the environment and reproducing themselves, multiplied by the degree of entropy (variety between red, green and blue). creation of a new being costs a fifth of the score. highscore represents the highest score so far.

beings can consist of one to twelve elements of any color.
these colors indicate different characteristics (cumulative):
red: speed
green: livespan
blue: range of sight
beings search (head to tail) and eat bright fields of environment according to their design. when saturated they reproduce by division.

the environment consists of fields of differing color. once eaten a field takes the color of its brightest neighbours. its rate of growth is dependent on the brightness of its neighbourhood.

how to play:

create a design by pushing the red/green/blue-buttons in the lower left. remove elements by clicking on the blueprint in the lower right. when finished, implement the design by mouseclick within game area.
the stat/reset/submit-button pauses the game and shows game-statics.
caution: highscore can only be submitted once per game.